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Hey good freelancers. I am a norwegian guy living in cambodia. In fabruary i will be moving to Cebu in your country. I work full-time as a freelancer, and i ned  good internet. I have heard that the internet in Cebu is very bad. Is that right? And i need to find a apartment who is not to expencive. Can somebody here help me. Is it some good real estats companys there?


What is the best district to live in.?

Since I am a foreigner, I think some security too. Which area is not wise to stay in terms of crime?



I know this is a little outside of what we do, but I think it would have been very nice with some tips. I know there is a lot of filipina works through upwork. Is it some groups, or meetings or that  in Cebu? with people who work on upwork? I hope someone from Cebu could be so kind to help me. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy


I do not know anybody in Cebu, so where is it best to meet people? I'm not so fond of hanging out with foreigners. I want more talk with the locals.


Thanks in advance.


Best regards Lars Smiley Happy