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@Katherine V wrote:

I've been using PSBank for the past couple of years with the Metrobank BRSTN and didn't have any issues (usually receive my withdrawal within 1-3 days after I receive he Upwork confirmation email).


I withdrew last July 30 and as of today still have not received the money in my account.


Was anyone able to request a trace of their withdrawal to a recent PS Bank that have not arrived yet? I have to wait until Tuesday next week to initiate one for mine.

This is about a bank transaction I have had just recently not with PS Bank but with Metrobank.  For so many days, a specific caller kept on "pestering" my phone.  My caller ID identifies the "scammer" with the phone number 571**** with an area code that belongs to the Metro Manila area.  For days, I have been so puzzled as to who the caller might be.  Google could not give me accurate details.  One time, I got the courage to answer the call and heard a female voice at the other side of the line telling me about my Metrobank transaction regarding my BIR payment.  What caught my attention was that the bank teller mispronounced my family name and when I checked Metrobank's phone number for that specific branch via Google, I found out that the numbers didn't match.  The next time the caller "pestered" my landline number again, I simply ignored her calls.  My son would turn the phone off if he happens to hear the phone ringing.  Last July 16, 2018,  a Metrobank's officer visited me to personally let me sign my BIR payment slip.  I realized then that I must have an account with them before my BIR payment can be processed.  So is it possible that the one who was calling me was a Marketing Officer who wanted me to open a savings account with Metrobank?  I went to the same bank for my 1701Q payment last July 25, 2018 and I realized that it was about the family name issue. Hyphenated family names (in the BIR Form) versus non-hyphenated family names (in the payment slip) seem to be unacceptable.  At any rate, the puzzle has been solved already and I was, in fact, honored to have had a bank visitor that day. A bank officer visited me at my home address and brought the payment slip for me to sign on.  That was quite strange but then I guess that both of us -- I mean the bank and I -- went through a strict verification protocol.  The take-home message is to make sure that the details in the BIR form corroborate STRICTLY with what is written in the payment slip and the account holder space must be signed -- even when one does not have a Metrobank account yet.