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As a beneficiary of so many "grants" from my international clients through the Upwork platform, I feel like I have received benefits from the government and that I will be too abusive if I continue to allow my son to be in the public school system when we find it almost impossible to prepare ourselves before 6:00 in the morning and just add to the burden of public school teachers in my area who have to prepare so many lesson plans and ride out storms by facing an average of 60 pupils or students per section on top of having to budget for the transportation allowance and daily "baon" and putting up with the heavy traffic dramas that really grind to the bones.  


So I thought of a not-so-novel concept that many parents in my area are beginning or have begun to digest in their daily spectrum of intellectual activities.


My web research led me to stumble on websites that do offer information on the kind of education that is accredited in the national setting but is practiced globally.  To my surprise, I found out that homeschooling is one great alternative for freelance contractors like myself since we have an unpredictable income and we work on flexible hours plus all other factors I mentioned above.


My actual walk-in search led me to an international school which follows the K-12 curriculum and the American school calendar and that means school time begins in August and ends in May (for the regular classes) or a span of ten (10) months for homeschoolers. 


The school does not categorize learners by age but according to their grade level or academic preparedness implying how much they respect the intellectual pace of each child.  The learning period begins when the pupil or student is ready and that means paying a one-time deal of tuition and accreditation fees.  Accreditation fees include payments for periodical tests. 


Requirements for registration (apart from the monetary requirement) are the following:


a) 3 pcs. of 1 x 1 ID pictures

b) original and photocopy of birth and baptismal certificates

c) original and photocopy of Form 138 Report Card

d) Form 137 (must be sealed upon submitting)

e) Medical Report

f) Psychological/Developmental Assessment (if any)

g) Progress Report/Developmental Checklist (if any)


Those who will pay in dollars will have to expect a 5%-6% PayPal surcharge.  For those who will deal with the national rate, post-dated checks are not honored and there is no such thing as "installment" or "study now, pay later". 


The best perk I can imagine is that I can have a free set of books for my son if I get the "Early Bird" award since the school generously endows a suffcient 10% discount for a single enrollee without siblings.


The main highlight of the homeschooling curriculum, I suppose, is that there is a teacher-parent consultation twice a week and I do think that this is exciting since the school is open to having Skype or emailed or phone consultations.  Only one hour per consultation is needed for this academic encounter and this happens every Tuesday and Thursday (unless they change the schedule).


Is there anyone else in this forum who shares these sentiments?  Are there things that I need to consider before taking a plunge into this unfamiliar territory called "non-traditional classroom"?  What are the dangers that go hand in hand with this option? Do you have other alternatives to homeschooling in mind?  


I would love to solicit relevant information from the veteran moms and dads in this community.




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