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Farzina R Member Since: Oct 13, 2015

Today I have got a notification that a client has invited me to an interview. But I did not apply for that job. But, to my utmost surprise, the job post section says "you have already applied". 


I am puzzled. What is going on?

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014

Hi Farzina,


I checked your account and do see that you can acceept the client's invite on the Proposals page. I don't see the message you mentioned so please clear your cashe and cookies, log back into your account and let me know if you're able to accept the invite.



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Farzina R Member Since: Oct 13, 2015

Thank you dear Vladimir for spending time. Yes I see the option for accepting the interview. Howeve, there is no message received; an invitation only. And most importantly, I did not send any proposal for that job. I am sorry, I don't know how to clear cookies. (Using android device)


Thank you again


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Md. Mostafizur R Member Since: Mar 18, 2016

Hello Ms Farzina,
   After clicking on "Yes, Accept Interview" button, you got an empty box right? There you can write your cover letter with little changes than usual cover letter (submitting proposal manually).

Starting could be like this: Hello, I am glad to be invited for this job while I highly interested to be get hired for this position. ....

Hope this helps.

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Farzina R Member Since: Oct 13, 2015

Dear Mr. Moftafizur


Thank you for spending valuable time.