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@Nguyen L wrote:
Hi guys, I'm new to Upwork and just have my profile completed. Can you review it and give me advices to get it approved? Thanks in advance

 I don't have any tips on how to get approved, it is really hard these days, as upwork gets about 10K new applicants each day and accepts only a small number. Only people with skills that are underrepresented will make it. 

That may very well be in your case.

But generally, you have to change your wording. You state that you are here because you want to learn, that your work is based on truth and honesty, and don't care about the money you make. 

Look at this from a clients perspective:

Your client does not want to teach you anything, he wants you to have the necessary skills already, he wants your work to based on your skills (truth and honesty should be a given), he wants you to be confident about your skills, and if you don't care how much he pays you for it, you will not be taken seriously.  You just invite scammers that way. 


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