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Hello Upwork Support, 

I have been struggling since many days for getting my profile approved. I have completed my profile upto 100% and took relevent tests, added my certifications but still I am getting this message in upwork:


"We’ve reviewed your profile and currently our marketplace doesn’t have opportunities for your area of expertise.

If you have more relevant skills or experience to add, you can update and re-submit your profile. You can find more information regarding our decision here"


Also, I opened support ticket but I am getting auto-reply within a few sesonds in my mail as follows:


"Hello Neeraj,

Thank you for contacting Upwork Support.

First, we want to say that we appreciate your interest in becoming part of the Upwork community. Unfortunately, after reviewing the skills and experience in your submitted application we have found we cannot accept it.

We’re sorry we don’t have better news for you right now. However, at this time our marketplace already has many freelancers with a similar skillset to yours. Since we cannot accept your application, you will not be able to use the marketplace or submit any proposals.

Thanks again for your interest in Upwork. If you’d like, you can learn more about applying to join Upwork by clicking here."


Is it possible for me get support by humans in upwork rather than algorithms ?

Please guide me through the profile approval process.


Thank You