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Hi Avery, 

I have been struggling since many days for getting my profile approved. I have completed my profile 100% correctly and passed some tests, but still I am getting this message in upwork:


"We’ve reviewed your profile and currently our marketplace doesn’t have opportunities for your area of expertise.

If you have more relevant skills or experience to add, you can update and re-submit your profile. You can find more information regarding our decision here"


Also, I have check my mail and mail as follows:


"Hi Asanka,
Thank you for your interest in joining Upwork. We have reviewed your application to join, and regret to inform you that we are unable to accept your Upwork freelancer registration at this time.
Please do not consider this a reflection of your abilities while we would like to offer every qualified freelancer a spot, admission is highly competitive as Upwork receives more than 10,000 freelancer registrations daily. To help ensure that the freelancers we accept have the best chance at finding opportunities on our platform, we can only accept a small percentage of those who want to join.
If you feel that the profile you submitted does not accurately represent your skills and experience, you are free to update and resubmit your profile.
The Upwork Support Team"


Please guide me through the profile approval process and help to approve my profile.


Thank You