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Mayank P Member Since: Dec 22, 2018


I was try to verify my self by video calling,

But due to some technical issue on my laptop Upwork agent was suspended my profile.

I'm available to verify my self again with any kind of verification.

Like Document verification or video verification or any other way.

I've running contract on my profile.

Please help me to resolve this issue.


Thank you

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Tasdid A Member Since: Feb 15, 2018

My this account also been suspended around 10 month ago. But I did not withraw my USD from this account. One payoneer account attached on this account which one is inactive. But now I can't remove that inactive payoneer account couse there is no remove option. Can someone help me to remove that payoneer account?

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Muhammad Bilal A Member Since: Jul 13, 2017
No need to remove payoneer account .
Just add new local account for withdrawal.
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YingGuang H Member Since: Jul 30, 2018

Hi, A few days ago my account got suspended.
I contacted support center and they asked me id verification.
I also did id verification and received an email that id has been verified on Jan 9th.

But my account is still  suspended and I can't even contact to Upwork support center.
Please help me solve this problem as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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Muhammad Shamshad A Member Since: Jul 24, 2018

Hi Ying,


Pls try to create a new thread describing your prob in detail.




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YingGuang H Member Since: Jul 30, 2018

Hi, I can't create a new thread and even can't contact to support center.

When I tried, I'm redirected back to my home page.

Here is more detailed information about situation.


My account have been placed on hold on Jan 3rd.

I contacted support center and they asked me id verification.

I uploaded my id card and bills and received the email that my ID has been verified on Jan 8th.

It was a week ago and my account still is suspended and there is no reply or update from upwork.

Here is my profile address.
Please restore my account and let me countinue to work at upwork.
Thank you.

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Selin K Member Since: Apr 8, 2019


I couldn't get why my account has been suspended. I checked for the emails but I couldn't find one saying my account has been suspended and the reason why.