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Avery O wrote:

Hi Juvy, 

I've just started on our homeschooling journey, and our provider is Homeschool Global. It's accredited by the local educational department, and we have the opportunity to get a U.S. transcript should I intend to send my son to an international school someday. 

You may want to check that out.

Hi Avery,


Homeschool Global seems to be one of the regular home schools that we have in our country.  My son is currently immersed in a home-based learning program facilitated by Kumon instructors whose office is located within the suburban valley outside Marikina City.  He is about to be on his second month.  I think he likes the program.  It can be taken alongside a regular private school. Center hours are very flexible and tuition fees are budget-friendly.


Currently, Kumon is not accredited by DepEd.  However, it is considered as a valid method for attaining an opportunity to be in the department's Alternative Learning System (ALS).  Mobile teachers facilitate ALS modules in a rather flexibe manner and the curriculum is intended for out-of-school learners.


Home schools in the country, if I am not mistaken, get to be accredited by DepEd at a certain period via a placement exam called PEPT for those in Grades 7-10.  Accreditation is valid for all levels, though.  I am not sure about how this is done.


Going back to Kumon, I must say that it's an independent school of its own.  It has its own pedagogical paradigm and rationale for the learning process that its clients can experience.  It is not a tutorial school.  For those with a tight budget, there is no pressure to have all the programs.  For those who want more classroom (assuming that home is not a classroom) hours for their kids, it may be taken alongside either private or public school curricula.  It is ideal to send kids to private catholic schools where Grade schoolers may be able to experience a richer "sacrament life" through the rites of the First Holy Communion and the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Confirmation (not necessarily in this order).  As for high school, there is no doubt that the formation of an individual's character may be intensified via sports and community immersions.


So yes, it is possible to avoid heavy traffic in going to school.  Public schools may be decongested via the ALS and home-based programs.  What concerns me now is how broad-minded Upwork freelance contractors can be in embracing these pedagogical paradigms.  How ready are we to create our own home school curriculum?  Can we rely on the business sector when it comes to the enrichment of the learners' activities?