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ires h wrote:

I've encountered this kind of problem, as of now, I didn't receive my remittance. I check my local bank which is PSbank and they said that I entered a wrong BRSTN. Please help me on this matter.

Data inconsistencies may lead to our inability to withdraw our earnings, Ires.  What I do know is that PSBank is a subsidiary of Metrobank and that if I click on the green question mark beside the bell with an orange superscript each time I receive a notification, I can get access to the Help and Support page.  Using the Get Paid >> Payment Options >> Bank Codes >> Philippines BRSTN sequence, I do not see PSBank's code there.  What I see is Metrobank's code which is 010269996.


Going beyond the code, Metrobank has faithfully assisted me in my tax payment transactions.  The most recent unforgettable encounter I had was with a bank personnel who accepted my 1701Q for the first quarter of this year and processed my documents while I was having a final interview with a local employer.  That was a very humane bank tellering transaction I have had this year.  What surprised me was that when my son and I returned to the bank to get my tax documents, the papers were neatly secured inside a brown envelope with some coins.  They did not ask for any service charges and seemed very happy to accommodate my pleas although I received a stern warning not to do it again next time.


This has led me to see why there is such a concept as "efps".  Under the TRAIN Law and as favored by Upwork's ToS, an Upwork freelance contractor may opt to have a mixed income and having a Php 10,000.00 fund for "efps" will save one from getting into trouble with long queues since everything may be done virtually.  As for Metrobank and other local banks, online banking seems a viable option to get things done.