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Hi everyone,

I'm facing a big problem with my ID verification. After working 1500 Hrs Upwork suddenly required my ID verification yesterday. They have mentioned that the address on my ID and the utility bill must match with my Upwork profile ID. My problem starts here.

1.  In Bangladesh The government first issued National ID in 2008 for the use of voting purpose and only the present address are printed on the card. The permanent address remains stored in the database and does not apear on it for security reason. I have changed my present address 5 times in last 7 years as I live in rented house. So the address which is printed on my ID no longer my valid communication address.

2.  For opening a bank account I must provide the address where I am living now. So I had to provide the address on my last rented house for bank and Upwork profile to match them. But this address definitely doesn't match with the address on my national ID. Now if I change my address on Upwork to match with my ID, it will mismatch with the bank details.

3.  In Bangladesh the utility bills are issued only against land/house owner's name. they don't issue against tenants's name. Upwork says the name on utility bill must match with my upwork name. How I am gonna provide that? A lot of freelancer from Bangladesh will face the same problem, I assume. 


Please help me solving the issue. I am scared to submit my ID on Upwork because my account might be suspended for wrong address.

Specially I would request someone from Upwork to guide me through the process.


Thank you