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Hello Upwork Community,  I am hoping a representative of Upwork can answer the following question:

I have submitted a proposal to a client where I would be working with their internal data files, and their internal databases, not the public Internet.  This would require me to work in their environment.  If I do so, they already have the work, and I would have circumvented Upwork's Work Submission policy.


My question is:  Can I do the work in their environment, and when I am done, copy everything I have done in their environment, and re-submit it to them (even though they already have it)  through the Upwork website, in order to stay within Terms of Service?  Would Upwork be okay with that?

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018

Hi Abdul Basit,


Once hired, Freelancers can submit work through Messages in the dedicated message room created for a specific contract. We do advise you to copy all the files and communication into the contract's message room after each conversation, and ask your client for acknowledgment, in order to keep a record in case a problem arises.


On Fixed-Price jobs, freelancers are advised to use the submit work link on the contract details page in order to share the final product with their client and at the same moment request payment.


You may read more about Fixed-Price Protection and Hourly Protection for Freelancers


Thank you.

~ Bojan