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Hi, it is all in the subject section. I am not sure about what to enter as it seems that it is not the same, but my bank - Intesa - tells me it is. I mean, they say that IBAN is the whole formula, whereas account number solely is only a part of the IBAN, i.e without the RS + 5 numbers at the beginning. Plus, IBAN means International Bank Account Number and starts with RS so... Also, it is to get USD in my account, and the SWIFT I entered was recognized by oDesk in first place so I guess that since there was no issue when I entered the IBAN, should be ok right? Thanks if you read it, and maybe we can discuss about this: does it worth to pay 30USD for a wire, or Skrill is as safe, and better? Pozdrav.
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I use Skrill with no problems at all. Now(finally!) as of actually today, we have PayPall so I think that I 'll switch to PayPall in the near future. Hope this helps! Best
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Zdravo Smiley Happy Mmmh sorry, but my worry is still about this IBAN... Nobody to answer that? Cool for Paypal, but why is it sooo cool as everyone says? What do they have better than Skrill for instance?
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Won't help you much, just to say that Skrill works perfectly and it it the best solution for Serbia.

PayPal has aweful website, aweful support, crazy high fees...

Register on Skrill, order your free card and that's it. Until that, good luck with Intesa...

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What's the difference comparing Skrill to Payonner?

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Hi Zlatko,


You can find valuable info freelancers shared about using Skrill and Payoneer cards in this thread.