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Hi , I want to hire a freelancer for work on odesk , can anyone tell me if odesk have the same exchange rate for clients (101.6 Rs. less than the forex rate for freelancer withdraw) or its the same rate of forex (Rs 105.1) to deduct money from our account? 2) I've tried to add my UBL Debit Card to Verify my Payment method but i'm getting this error "Unfortunately, your card did not pass our security screening process. Please check to make sure all of your billing information is correct. Cards may be rejected because of many factors, and we recommend calling your bank to ensure there is not an issue with the card being used. If you are sure all billing information is correct please contact customer support and include your account name and a valid phone number where you can be reached." Can anybody tell me how to get it fixed?? Smiley Sad p.s --> i am subscribe to ubl basic package in net banking.. is it the reason?