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I would like to know what to do if I have a business without a VAT number, In Latvia we have microbusiness form that only requires to pay 9% from turnover and does not require to pay VAT.

Also where can I see invoices from clients not from UpWork processing fees ?

Also I saw that in processing fees I have to pay to USA located business (UpWork) so that means that I need to pay to 3rd world county (because than I think I need to register as international trader) ?




Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014

Hi Raimonds,


Please, note that VAT is assessed on services provided by Upwork, not on services you provide your clients. You need to pay VAT on products and services you purchase. You may consult with your local tax adviser about VAT on the money your clients pay to you and check this help article and this thread for more information.

~ Valeria