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Hi dear community and dear Croatian IT collegues,


I've been with oDesk and Elance now upWork for long time as a webdeveloper.


I have my freelancer account as a private person (Matija Baric). Last year I found a reliable client and we moved to full time contract that is why I opened my own company here in Croatia (since then I am invoicing them through my company directly we were not working on upWork they came to me by reference from other client), in the mean time they choose to switch business priorities and our contract will end next month.


So I am planning to return to upWork but I NEED and read BADLY NEED to get the earned money on upWork to my companies account opened in PBZ Privredna banka Zagreb (SWIFT: PBZGHR2X), as soon as I get the money to my company bank account, I obviously by the Croatian laws need to provide evidence for this payment which is again obviously invoice (on that invoice it must state my company name and OIB/Tax number not my private name!!!)


Now I would like to hear how the rest of you people with firms in Croatia and that you work over upWork how is the procedure regarding that, please be as much detailed as you can be, don’t miss a thing here


If you are let’s say “afraid” of writing it send me PM to my email **Edited for Community Guidelines**, please I need it like a water my entire family depends on it (don’t want to sound pathetic but I have a wife and 2 under aged daughters), you can take it as a cry for help (not for work but for legal advice).


**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Basically I would appreciate if some super accountant (because I believe we have similar laws) with this kind of experience could address me the right way.


Please Croatian entrepreneurs help me out here.


Yours truly,

Matija Baric


P.S. Please don't write generic/off topic answers or take this one as joke. Let this post be the wiki for all the Croatian people that are in same problem. Thanks in advance for taking it seriously.