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Hi Goran,

Thank you for your replies.


So, let me see if I get this clear. You find your client on upWork and let's say you earn $200 that you have on your account and can be withdrawn (upWork fee already deducted). What is the next step, then …


1. You contact your new client and request their companies full address and VAT ID (assuming they will want to hand me over this information, which will also be very hard in my oppinion)


2. When you get this information (VAT ID and full address, does US clients also have VAT ID?) you create your own invoice from your company to their company on $200 and send the invoice to them.


3. What I don't understand is this, on their side they will get two invoices, one will be from upWork which they do on my behalf and the 2nd one from my company (this doesn't make sense to me at all), if I would be them (the client) I would get two same invoices (practically the same, one from upWork would also have the upWork fee), how will they put it in their accounting books as two same invoices (it somehow doesn't seems right), can you explain me this please and how is your full process in this, I would really appreciate it.


For instance Joachim said here: "Depends. If your client needs an EU compliant invoice he will normally be happy. The amount will have to be identical (also the currency) and the payment has to be done through Upwork. But your client can then throw Upwork's invoice away or staple it to yours to make it clear that this is a single transaction."


>> Throw or away the invoice, is he serious?!


Thank you in advance.