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Hi Petar,


Have you checked Milan's Facebook group and looked at the videos and other information shared there? Please do review the information shared on his blog and group, and feel free to send him a message if you have a specific question as we can't advise you on this subject here in the Community. What I can say, being a freelancer myself, is that you can withdraw money to your individual bank account and each time consult your local tax office about the amount due to your income, which is not negligible to say the least. The other option is to register your business, choosing one of the forms Milan discussed in the webinar hosted for Upwork freelancers, whose recording you can find in the Facebook group. We discussed and outlined the two best possible forms based on the freelancer's income, one of which is related to paying a flat monthly fee. Feel free to pm me for more details after you've reviewed the webinar recording.