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Same here. As i see, Upwork does not provide your client's ID Number. So the "invoice" they provide from the client isn't a valid one. Has the same value as a line in your notebook. Then i think you have to make a valid invoice. The question is who to "invoice" the client or Upwork. I think you have to invoice Upwork because its' the one managing the money. They make invoice for you and invoice for the client. In the other hand, Upwork fee invoices are  REAL invoices with all the right details ain ID numbers, that are expenses for you.


Im sure that the important thing is that you declare the amounts. But I would be happy if i get a more clear explanation.

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Hey Luis Javier,


I've had it explained to me from various sources, and I'm sure Upwork will back this up, that Upwork is not the client, it's merely facilitating the freelancer's relationship with the end client (which is why you pay them a fee).

While it would be easier for freelancers if Upwork was the client, I'm afraid that it's necessary to get the client's details (address, ID, tax status) just like you would if you had found the client in another way, and were being paid directly. 


All the best

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Hi Guys!

I've been working for some months with Upwork and now I got a Gestor to become an autonomo and do everything legally. But she asked me if Upwork had been doing any invoices because that could be a problem with hacienda. Do you guys have any idea about this? Or I just start doing invoices to my clients from now on, and the past is forgotten?


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Hey there


You'll certainly need to create proper invoices if you want to delare the work you have done. The invoices produced by Upwork don't contain all the info required by the Spanish tax authorities. You'll need to get the clients' addresses and tax ID numbers, for example. If any of your clients are Europe-based, you may need to pay VAT and, if a business based in Spain, IRPF.


In other words, you need to treat Upwork clients just like any other client!

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Hi all, I will do my first job here and dime doubts:

- Can I do a factura if I am not autónomo?
- It seems that I have to do the factura with the final client data, what if he don't give me his details?
- Do I have to declare it when the money is in my PayPal account or when I take out the money from PayPal?
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Hi there

(Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer or a gestor or anything, just a fellow

- No (not legally)
- You can't issue a (legal) factura without the end client's details.
- If you are autonomo, you'd declare any earnings quarterly based on when
you issued the facturas.

Hope that helps!