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Donald M Member Since: Nov 20, 2018

I too am having this issue, and I have probably applied 50 times, taking my time each round to be sure the what at first seemed like improvements were correct. 

The most frustrating part is I used to have an account with Upwork. 

At this point it seems the only way to make this work is to re-invent into a new technology which shouldn't be too hard. Its just frustrating that 10 years of experience isn't enough. 

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Osborn h Member Since: Feb 3, 2019

has your profile been approved now?

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Dushyant S Member Since: Jan 28, 2018



Just a word of advice, it is against Upwork terms to try and create multiple accounts. 

As you said that you had an account previously, so one of the reasons for failure could be it. You may have luck trying to get the previous account activated again.


I have been trying to get a few of my friends to join upwork and none profiles were approved, so I am not sure what is the right way to go as well. They were professionals, and had a few years of experience to show for, but they got generic message of rejection, and they were very discouraged. 

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Hannah N Member Since: Apr 2, 2019

Hi guys,


It is April 2019 now and I received the same message after creating my upwork profile for the first time. Has any of your profile approved ?  I too also wish to be able to contact a person who could give me some ideas on how to edit my profile.