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I am experienced professional with several years of experience and solid tract record. I have completed hundreds of projects online and offline; and I am able to provide proofs of my previous work as well as share feedbacks from happy international clients. 


I signed up at upwork and I can see that there are alot of projects I can work and complete successfuly but I am unable to place a bid because my account needs to be approved. Unfortunately i do not understand why I got an email stating that ''We’ve reviewed your profile and currently our marketplace doesn’t have opportunities for your area of expertise.'' Also there is no way I can contact support team or to submit a question in community which is why I am responding here if anyone from upwork will reach out.


Is there any specific requirements to screen the application for approval? My profile is 100% complete and if you require any further information or evidence of my previous work, I can upload. It's really disappointed that upwork won't allow me to use my skills and work on the plateform. I hope someone from upwork will reach out to help me with this. Thanks