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Shukla R Member Since: Jan 14, 2019

My account is suspended even I perfectly bidding and my profile is up to date as per the upwork standard Unfortybety I did not get any project you suspend my account. Even I passed exams with TOP10 score. I am an agency member and paying 20$ each month. Please make my profile normal so I can profile my self.

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YingGuang H Member Since: Jul 30, 2018

A few days ago, my account also got suspended.
I contacted support center and they asked me id verification.
I also did id verification and received an email that id verification has been done successfully.
But when I tried to submit proposals, it still says my account is suspended.
Now I can't even contact to Upwork support center.
Please restore my account and let me countinue to work on upwork.
Thank you.

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Denis T Member Since: Nov 14, 2018

The same happened to me. Without any reason and explanation. Also I can't enter Customer Support because I'm always redirected back.

Please restore mine too

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Denis T Member Since: Nov 14, 2018

The picture has been changed: now I have limited financial transactions popup. But again can't visit customer support. Also it is said that I had to receive a mail but there is no mail from Upwork!


Do anybody know how can I reach out to Upwork?


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Kevin L Member Since: Nov 15, 2018

My account suspended too.

I have verified with video call and it was successful.

But suddenly my account suspended and my all earnings refunded  without any email or notification.

I cannot go to support center and even i cannot post new topic to community.

This is strange thing.

I phone  called yesterday and they said I need to wait 24hours while receive email.

But i didn't receive yet.

Please help me upwork operators.

I can verify again and again with any methods including video call, ID verification, utility bill, bank statement

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Senad S Member Since: Feb 18, 2019

My account has been suspended since a few days ago.

I was asked to do the id verification so I did it successfully.

I received an email that my id was verified Smiley Happy, but my account is not activated yet Smiley Sad

Do I have to do the verification again?

What do I have to do to activate my account?

Please give me any solution.