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Hi, dear community! Please, help me to solve this situation. And share if there any way to appeal supports unfair decision.
3 weeks ago, exactly on holidays! my UpWork account been suspended indefinitely due to "high number of proposals for jobs on our site without many contracts or earnings" as they said. I alredy appeal this, but no any person could explain me real thing. I already has clients i work with, yeah, i defenetly search for more clients and send proposals, i thought it's the matter of this platform.... and I can't understand that reason. So, if their site such oversaturated with low-rate workers and clients just ignore my proposals as i have no "top rated" bage yet... it's my fault? O_o really?

I do freelance work on non-regular basis as i have day job, but freelance do good income and i wnat to continue. So, please, help to restore my acc =(