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Nicolas N Member Since: Jun 23, 2018

Hi, Max! I'm here on UpWork for 7 months already and had only 2 jobs from here (it gave me over 1k$ though, so no reason to complain). I also freelance outside, but this doesn't matter now. So, i submited about 3 times a week in december, it's even not consume whole limit of proposals. I sent a lot in august without any luck though.

My main specialisation is VO audio editing and audio restoration, but i also do sound desing for games and films and field recording. Here poeple seek for cheap rates and mainly they ignore my 25$ per hour though it's fair price. I've consulted with many collegues before fixing this particular rate. 

Now i exhausted and upset due to situation and don't know what to do - or just leave UpWork and try to find clients outside, or continue to fight and finally un-suspend my acc.