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Hi Valeria,


It was stopped for a moment but later it was resolved and I have withdrawed money via my HBL Pakistan last week on June, 15 2015 and June, 8 2015, is there anything you need to update newbies watching this discussion?


For me HBL is still working but upWork after re-branding is eating up a loads of exchange rate fee on top of the total amount means you will be paying around 3.5 to 6 rupees on each dollar to upWork for exchange rate fee with oDesk it was 3 rupees on each dollar MAX.


HBL on the other side has no international remittence charges and no FEES at all.


Valeria K, please be informed that HBL is still working with upWork


But I don't know what are the intensions behind your official statement that HBL don't work which is a False Statement (Unfortunately)