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Nayab is right--HBL still works. I've also been mysteriously losing extra dollars in fees. And here I thought I was just imagining things. /Smiley Happy


Its like you are driving on a freeway from Sindh to Baluchistan and there is no official help available on the road, bumpy roads, engine issues, tyres issues, looking for lavatories, anyone you meet on the way and ask for help will not do it for free or may ask for any price they are willing to take out of your wallet and you can't do anything about it except abusing them from inside.


1. Client to Upwork = Was 10% now Upto 20% (Begging for Help) found help on 2 without 1 compromising on their fee they want to snatch that 20% otherwise you can't move forward.


2. Upwork to LFT Bank = $4.99 + Rs.5/dollar Transpay commission (You don't know who is your mechanic and what they going to do with your car) Finally!!!!


3. Finally, you can get hold of your leftovers Smiley Happy