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I requested a withdrawal on 27th Nov and I still haven't received my funds, I got the withdrawal confirmation message the next day which obviously means nothing since on 28th Nov the banks were closed in the US. I've encountered the same problem receiving funds greater than 3000$, every time I make a transaction above it, the Odesk US bank holds the payments and awaits for further information before processing the withdrawal. And because of the stupid 10 working day waiting period, I'm requested by the support to wait for 10 days after they do anything. I would like to request any Odesk moderator to please prioritize my withdrawal of 27th Nov and ask the finance team to directly look into the bank since I've encountered the same problem quite a couple of times and I want them to stop messing with huge payments since that's what I earn. Doesn't matter which withdrawal method I use since the payment is going to be transferred from the Odesk US bank and they are the one that withhold big payments every time.