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Hello, Thanks for initiating the forum. I hope everybody gets positives out of here. Now this is the hottest question, about payment withdrawal and my one liner is use oDesk. Moneybookers might be a bit on the lower side as far as charges are concerned but its better when all is green, means when everything is going smooth, God forbid if there is any problem or issue while making transaction, their Customer Services are just pathetic. You might want to go to their fan page on facebook and overall forums and read some of the threads people have posted there. Personally I never had problem with Moneybookers but some friends did have and they found themselves in halt. Others like payoneer cards etc are too expensive. oDesk has awesome Customer Services department, at least you get to talk to real people and they listen to you, I am not sure if your every issue get resolved Smiley Happy but again, its better than others. About the apprentice program, which city are you in? Thanks, Mohsin