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Hello Sufiyan, you need to add your bank account details for this. Click on the Wallet, on the right hand side you'll see a list of options to add a new withdrawal method. Click on "Add another Withdrawal method". The pop up screen will have "Wire Transfer Pakistan" as an option, click "Set up" next to it. Now use the form to fill in details of your bank account. You need a bank that has a SWIFT code (ask your bank for this, also if you have the option, go for a bank that doesn't have intermediaries, that way you won't face extra deductions). You also need to make sure that your bank account title matches your oDesk profile name (the account must be your own). Once setup, you can withdraw your earnings to your bank using two ways: 1. Local currency wire transfers: The funds are sent to your account in the form of your local currency, i.e., Pak Rupee, the withdrawal costs $4.99 and the first withdrawal is free, 2. USD Wire transfer: If you want the funds in US Dollars (so that your own bank will do the conversion if you have a rupee account or if you have a dollar account) you can click the blue link on your withdrawal method that says wait, my account is set up to receive US Dollars. The fee will change to $30 per withdrawal in this case. The funds will now be sent as dollars to your account. You can click that blue link to switch between USD wires and PKR wires as required. Hope this helps!
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