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Hi to all of oDesk Users. Today one of my friend applied on a Data Entry Job. TitleSmiley Very Happyata Entry From Jpg to Excel ***** Client Payment Method is Verified But He have not paid a single cent to anyone. He posted his first job at oDesk. Total Apllicants Who Apllied for this Task : 100 He Invite 82 of them to interview. (Still inviting more) He Have Created Pishing Pages of oDesk, Yahoo, and Gmail. When he invite someone he want every Contractor to open a Link ( It will redirect you to the same login page of oDesk. But it is not real. (I just have small knowledge of hacking for safety purpose). He also send 2 Html files Gmail and yahoo. He said contractor have to download these files and use your Gmail and yahoo logins to sign in to your accounts. What i know about Phishing is : This is a Fake login page for any of site (it looks same as Orignal). Note: This is just what i feel about client. Please Experts Report to ODesk If you also feel it is spam and Frauding with Contractors. If I am right whoever applied on this job and get interview and entered their login user and pass. Please Change your Email And Password Immedaitely. Thank you Screen Shoot of His Message: *[Removed by Admin]
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Syeda Aqifa B Member Since: Aug 25, 2013
I also wrote and also informed oDesk through support.
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Ayesha S Member Since: Nov 22, 2009
Hi, This is a known scam, please report to Customer Support and include any email/other info that the client shared with you. Also please flag the job post. Never put log in details in a link provided by a client like this. If you have logged in using that page please change your password and security question immediately. If you have the same log in details on any other email/social media/bank account change those too.
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There are more to find except this one. I have encountered through such fraud jobs as well. Reported and removed! try not to log in in such sites which require you to enter the passwords and email/ID of original accounts.
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