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Hey Everybody! First of all welcome to oDesk and our famous Pakistani forums here. Hope you are good and in god's hands. I see you need to get started. Well, start off by filling in your profile like you would fill in a resume. Add your employment history, what you offer, what you are best at, etc. Remain honest since it counts. I guess you got the point. Secondly start applying for jobs that best suit you, it might take a little time (or not) since there are a lot of participants for the job. Set a good competitive price for the project, no matter by hour or fixed! There are chances that you might get selected for it. For hourly jobs, do download the Time Tracker (oDesk Team App) to track your time and work you have done so far. Stay in touch with the client and keep updating him with your progress. I am new here too but as you can see following such protocols helped me with 7 jobs so far ($160 approx.) but my past clients are opting me for more sooner. Remain in touch with them. Ask them if they need your assistance or skills. Sell yourself to the client. Tell him why you are suitable, tell him why you are the best for the job. They need it. They would know you are the perfect fit. You would learn the tactics and ways of oDesk as soon as you get hired with minimum 2 jobs and would be quite successful sooner or later. Set up payment methods. I would prefer all three (Pakistan supported) Skrill, Payoneer & LFT (Local Funds Transfer/Wire Bank Transfer). That's what I do. You see, I have 4 accounts that work for me. One on Skrill, second on Payoneer, third and fourth my bank accounts (Foreign Currency & Local Currency). Here's a trick I would love to share with everyone here. Since oDesk charges $4.99 for PKR and $30 for US$ withdrawal fee via LFT (Local Funds Transfer/Wire Bank Transfer), I use oDesk to withdraw my credits in my PKR account with the LFT and for US Dollars (US$), I pay the $1 fee to withdraw my credit from oDesk to Skrill, saving $25 from the $30 fee by oDesk's withdrawal. Have a verified Skrill account which is used only for transactions when I want my credits to be credited in US Dollars only since it has no charge or fee on receiving funds and for withdrawals to your bank account, they only charge you $4 and I save the conversion fee as well since my account is no other than US$. This way, I save about $29 from oDesk and currency conversion fee from Skrill. Then comes Payoneer. It takes time to process on your applications or any other requests you want to leave there but I use it for a few transactions when in need to use US Dollars since Pakistani bank accounts do not offer you a debit card which is used for foreign currency. Payoneer after reviewing your application sends you a Payoneer Debit/Prepaid Card by MasterCard which you can use for transactions (with added fee/charges, do check on their website to be clear). You can use that card at any ATM or card machine across Pakistani or a foreign state/country but I must warn you, it has delays so it is not recommended. At this very moment, my accounts are active in Dubai Islamic Bank (Pakistan Ltd.) and they offer you quite a good feature for everyone willing to sign up for a new account. "NO MINIMUM MAINTENANCE CREDIT IN YOUR ACCOUNT" for a DIB Currenct Account, whether it is a foreign currency account or a local Pakistani Rupee account. However, the initial deposit is Rs. 1000 (equivalent for USD/$10) for current accounts but I guess that is no big. You can save a lot of fees and charges applicable for conversion, withdrawing and for transactions by following the way I am doing it. In short form, I use my Foreign Currency Account (USD) to save conversion fee and charges applicable on such transactions to be used online or locally (where payments are in US Dollars) while saving $25 on oDesk withdrawal fee by withdrawing my credit in to my Local Currency Account (PKR) and to use the provided local VISA debit card for any transactions locally and saving the conversion charges applicable for transactions when making payments that are in US Dollars. Do remember, for Pakistan or any other countries, that are not a member of the European Union such as Ireland and England, the Skrill Prepaid Card is not available. Do not fall for that, do read the terms by Skrill. Only Payoneer caters the Pakistani applicants/account holders. Coming back to the point, you will have to give time to your submitted applications. It takes a little time. Some clients are fast and responsive while some are slow. You will get a job, do not worry about it. I was like you when I first came here. Got my first job after putting in time for the right job applications and got hired in the 4th day. Anyhow, I hope this helps you and anyone who is reading it to get started and find a way not just to earn but rather save as well. Feel free to contact me for suggestions and help. Thanks for your precious time. Regards, M. Muneeb Khan **** [Removed by Admin]
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