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This has nothing to do with the state bank, or its policy. It's the oDesk bank that requires this information. I see that you have created your own agency on oDesk and are working through it. This means that you can transfer the funds only to your agency account name. Is your account in MCB on your agency name? If not, then the funds will be sent back by MCB if oDesk bank releases them, because the name (your odesk agency name) will not match with your account name in MCB. Solution will be to get your agency registered in Pakistan, get an NTN number (, provide a scanned copy of the NTN to oDesk so it can send it to its bank, then open a bank account for the company in Pakistan, and then transfer the funds. Getting an NTN will take from 2 days to a month. I see this as the only way you can transfer the funds as you can only send agency money to an agency bank account, this is from what I have experienced.