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Freelancing from home does not suit everyone Psychological Effects of Working from Home Working from home will not absolve you from all of the day-to-day problems faced when working in a regular office. You are still subjected to work-related stress and pressure. Studies reveal that there are significant psychological effects of working at home: You are likely to feel depressed and morose due to working alone at home. Your work-related social life is nil - nobody to talk to, share jokes with, and chat about life. You spend 24 hours, seven days a week looking at the same furniture and interior decor in your room. You may feel suffocated and confined in one place; you may lose your energy and diminish your zest for life. You may find less reason to take care of your personal appearance and even your personal hygiene. You will be challenged to do your best in every task because if you are terminated from your online job, you will have to start an outside job again. Working online - especially freelancing - does not usually have bonuses, health benefits or insurance. The negative effects of working at home can be offset through your own personal efforts. After all, living is yin and yang, the sweet and the bitter. As one successful work at home employee says, “you work hard and party even harder.” written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Tricia Goss