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Hi I am pleased to announce that we're arranging an unofficial oDesk users’ Meetup in Lahore! Join us on January 27th 2013 to meet fellow oDeskers. As far as the agenda/program is concerned, this is going to be an unofficial get together for Pakistani oDeskers. Come meet your fellow colleagues, share tips and most of all, network (you never know who you meet and may end up creating agencies or joint ventures to take your freelancing career to a whole new level!). There will be chit chat and speeches by successful contractors/clients. These oDesk veterans will share their journey to success with you. In the end there will be a question answer session where you can ask questions and learn something new and useful. Top oDeskers will get an oDesk T-shirt. Please understand that the arrangements can be made only when you send us your commitment and we know the number of attendees. VENUE WILL BE UPDATED AS SOON AS WE HAVE A SUFFICIENT NUMBER OF ATTENDEES. Please confirm yourself and if you know any oDesker, kindly share the news with them so they can join as well! More details at the Facebook Page See you at the Meetup! Smiley Happy
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