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Salam to All, I have just opened a new account in UBL Today. In Past, I was Using Skril But Now I am going to Use oDesk Wire Transfer For the First Time. Please Share you experience How to Setup Everything Carefully. Here are Some Rules I know but I want to COnfirm few things: 1. I know Name should be same on Bank and oDesk Account. 2. What is the Swift code for UBL multan Branch? I Did'nt found any for Multan. I only found UBL Karachi Main Branch Swift Code. Can i use Karachi Branch Swift Code to Receive Funds in Multan Branch? 3. If I have to put Karachi Branch Swift Code, Then What should i put in "Branch Name" Branch Address, City, State/Province. Sorry in Advance. I am just making sure before withdrawing first amount. I hope someone here can help me. Thank you