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Faisal A Member Since: Mar 7, 2016

How i can get my first job on upwork,
There are my peoples surrounding here for the job,
Some of them are useless,Some of them are moderate.
Some of them with good experience with no job skills,
I just want to ask only 1 question that if the Client only 
accept thy proposals with 90% or 95% job experience.
Then where the other job seeker's will go?with high
experience in thier corresponding fields..Sorry to say 
but it's not appropriate..

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Syed Shiraz S Member Since: Mar 15, 2016

1- Complete your profile 100%

2- Pass tests with Good score

3- Complete "Rising Talent" requirements

4- Keep an eye on projects during your timings

5- Install the upwork app for availability

6- Offer client a test project or setup milestones

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Ayman F Member Since: Apr 17, 2016
How can i become a free lancer of upwork. I want to do some kind of job. I'm a medical student. I wanna do this sort of job. I've completed my profile. I applied for jobs related to proof reading and writing but all my proposals got rejected. Kindly help me out. Thanks
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Rashid A Member Since: Apr 17, 2016

I joined upwork a month ago i have passed almost all skill tests except one. But still i am not asked for any interview even i have applied for many jobs relevent to my field and skills. Any one can gudie me that how can i get the job.

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you need to update yourself.


find people who are providing services that you can, learn from their profile and update your profile page to match the categories and verbage to be like them