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Dear Sohail, I am working on odesk from last six months but yet i have not got any project please help me that how i can start work on odesk... regards Arshad
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AIN-UL - Member Since: Aug 12, 2012
my friend, Your sourly mistaken if you think sohail can help u find work,only you can help yourself. i,ll give u some tips.first of all you must have some skill if you dont then go learn because there is no room for someone who doesnt know anything and nobody wants to train you because they can easily get trained people very cheap. if you want an easy job than data entery is yr best shot,they are very easy and usually employer provides guidlines to follow, again you need to learn it yrself they wont waste their time teaching you. Keep yr rate low for yr fist few jobs even consider doing them for free if u have to ,to gain estimated figure of an experience data entry specialist is $0.3 so if you dont have couple of 5 stars in yr profile dont bid over $0.2/hr,i got replies on rate of $0.1 for my first job and my aim was just a good feed back but that employer hired me for more than a month after seeing my dedication and paid me $50. so dont give up keep trying and donnt be greedy,all must sacrifice at begining,i,m still working day and night to impress my employer and its going greate, hardwork and determination is the key so dont give up. zero three four four five zero four four five zero four
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[quote=aounmuhammad]Hi, Its very pleasing to see a separate subforum for Pakistani freelancers working here at oDesk. So formally starting this thread by posting a question, "Under present withdrawal method i.e $4.99 to withdraw funds directly to your bank account in PKR. Which method is best for Pakistani freelancers?" Also I want to participate in special Apprentice program.[/quote] Hi Mohsin, Great news we have a specialized forum space for us. Congratulations! I would like to find out more details about the Apprentice Program. I am based in Lahore. I have not yet been able to get a project or client from Odesk, but that is entirely my fault since I am not spending enough time in finding jobs. Looking forward to your reply Regards Fahad
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I would like to ask , if we need to withdraw 150$ so what is the best way out for this transactions. thanks,
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Hi Aslamoaliekum! I am from pakistan. I am new on odesk for 2 weeks. I just earned 4$ from my first job. Now, I want to Withdraw my money just want to know what is the easiest way to withdraw money. Kindly help me friends
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It costs you $5 to withdraw using direct transfer
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HELLO Aoun i want to know something are you available
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Ali R Member Since: May 9, 2017

Hello sir I am free lancer on upwork.but not project getting yet please help me.

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Hi Ali,


Please check the advice shared in the freelancer resources and feel free to follow up in the Community with any question you might have.

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Sir I just wanna ask that how can i verify my o desk account?? because i neither the voter card nor the bank statement and utility bills because i am a student i just have mine I.D card..... So please inform me as quickly as possible. thnkx