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Hello everyone. I am new to upwork and I would really love it if someone could guide me on how to withdraw money from upwork in Pakistan. 


The thing is I know most people are going to say to me to set up a payoneer account but I dont want to pay a hefty ammount just to withdraw money. So I was hoping if someone who has experience in this could help me. 


What I want is to open a bank account and then send money as a direct transfer directly to my bank account. But theres a problem that bank account in Pakistan are not easily opened. I dont know if what type of account should I open and in which bank. I asked someone from HBL and he said that student account may get blocked when recieving money from upwork as it would not comply with my profile. I even checked Standard Chartered and they said that they dont open accounts for freelancers. 


I would also like to mention that I found some bank account type like Asaan account in various banks but found out that it limits international transactions. 


I would really like it if someone who has experience in this type of thing helps me out.