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Hi / Salam Firzok,


I am using MCB account with direct to bank transfer, it's really working and easy to use.


Account Suggestions for you as a student:


 - Goto NBP and ask for student account, and also confirm if international payment is accepted.

 - Goto MCB Bank and open a smart business account with them, it's what you can make and is simple ( I am also using the same )

 - Goto Alfalah Bank and ask to open an account as a freelancer.


By the way you seems to be an engineering student like me Smiley Wink , I am an Electrical Engineer working as a web developer at UpWork.

And where are you from?


Hope this help you, if you need further assistance please let me know, I may help you, as I had the same issues when a student.


Be Blessed

Kind Regards