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Syed Muhammad Umer R Member Since: Mar 11, 2016
HBL is working perfectly, i am using Upwork for LFT’s since more than 3 years and it works fine for me i normally gets money in my account in a day or sometimes in 2,3 hours Smiley Wink. But my question is why Upwork using payment service which is charging so much in respect of Exchange fees? The current USD to PKR rate is $1 to Pkr=126 but i am receiving $1 to Pkr=110. It’s a huge difference of about 16 rupees per dollar? I request Upwork to please revise these rates and find a better Payment Service like etc they are paying $1 to PKR=122. I hope there are many payment services available which can be beneficial for Upwork and it’s Freelancers. Also, please forward my voice to the concern department as well if you can. Thank you