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I'm not exactly sure about Lebanese banks, but I think it might help if I shared my experience in trying to withdraw the payments from the Middle East in general.

First of all, I'm from Egypt, and I tried to use so many different methods to withdraw money, and I can recommend two ways.

1- Payoneer: I've been using Payoneer for over six months, and It's doing great. Payoneer lets you create a local US bank which you can link to Upwork, and then you can link a local card to Payoneer and take the money from there. The only downside is that it takes some time. One to three business days from Upwork to Payoneer, and another one to three business days from Payoneer to your local bank. Payoneer takes 1% of the amount transferred.

2-Paypal: I was using Paypal when I first started, but I kept having problems withdrawing the money. However, it might be helpful to you. Paypal takes 1$ for each withdrawal from Upwork. Again, you can link your local card to Paypal, and take the money from there. You can use the auto withdrawal option in Paypal that lets you transfer the money to your local bank for free, but it has to be on the first five days of each month, other than that, it will take 5$ fee for each withdrawal.

I hope my answer has been useful, and good luck.