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All of the Pakistani freelncers would have noticed that the conversion rates when we withraw to a local bank account are very low. Recent USD to PKR conversion rate by upwork was 99 , but USD to PKR rate offered by some pakistani companies like Dollar east is 106 . So we are losing 7 rupees per dollar on every transaction. 


And if we try to withdraw in a USD Account than withdrawal fee is $30, This is weird because after all the service charges (20%)  and other fees why they want to make money when converting USD to PKR. 


Can some one from upwek explain this that why the conversion rates are so low and why $30 is charged for USD transfer. 



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This is so true, and very discouraging Smiley Sad
I am already thinking of alternatives because of such unfair conversion rates.

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Am I the only one who is experiencing delays in LFT payments for last couple of months? They used to be credited same day or very next day now they take 5+ days to get into my account.


Also ther other concern is exchange rates are too low keeping in mind interbank US exchange rates, they earn 5 to 7 Rs. per dollar which is very unfair.


Can somebody from Upwork look into this matter?





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Hi all,


Please take a look at the information we've shared in this and other threads on the topic of conversion rates, and let me know if you have any further questions.

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Yup this is getting really bad. Previously, there was about 3-4 rupees of difference but last year or so it has gone really above the limits. 


But why don't you guys try using Payoneer. It does allows direct Bank Transfer, provide excellent dollar conversion rates and same day transfer. I'm using Payoneer from last 3 months and getting 102 - 103 dollar rate.






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Don't we have to Pay $3.Something on each transaction and limit is of 20K PKR per transaction on Payoneer?

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You are right, but that is when you withraw cash directly from atm using your payoneer card. 
The best way is to add your local bank account to payonner. Login to payonner and add a bank account. 
After the bank is approved you can withraw directly to your bank account , and thaan get better exchange rates. 
The time of funding from payonner to local bank is officcially arounf 5 days , but i get funds normally the esame day. 

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