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List of Tools & Courses

Great to have so many of you joining on yesterday's AMA on AI Tools and Courses. 


Thank you @Vladimir for inviting me! 


For those of you that missed it, a few of the pieces we covered yesterday and a bit more:



 Use natural language to create creatives for social media, content generation as well as sales assets

Create all kinds of diagrams, process diagrams and other related documents just with natural language and edit them by drag and drop.

Tuned GPT to help with data analysis and visualization.

Helps with content creation for all purpose to sound less like AI.


  • www.relevance.ai:
    • No code platform for creating extremely capable AI Agents, free to try, affordable to use at scale and highly effective, for creating sophisticated AI Agent Workflows even and in particular if you are not technical.


  • www.make.com
    • Extremely powerful process automation and augmentation tool: Build your own workflows integrating GenAI for all kinds of use cases in content marketing, content creation, process automation. I use this for automatically drafting proposals and tracking my lead generation. Requires a little bit of time to get the hang of it, but once you do, it’s dead easy, has a fairly new ai based process builder which makes it a lot easier.
    • Alternative: zapier.com (more expensive though).




Wish you most success, a great weekend and feel free to ask anything.

Best from Berlin,


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Mindblowing resources Boris! Thank you for sharing!

Mindblowing is the new normal :-). Glad you find it helpful Julius - feel free to reach out if you have any questions on any of them.

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These are great, esp when you combine with:

- Expandi (https://expandi.io) for linkedin automation

- Dopplio (https://dopplio.com) for realistic AI-personalized sales videos
- Instantly (https://instantly.ai) for outbound email


^ Those three combined are a dangerous combo

Nice one!! I am very bullish on video avatars specifically, will give dopplio a try - thanks!

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Thanks for the resources list Boris.


I will also add the courses by DeepLearningAI for the ones that want to understand better the technical aspects of AI. It is a company Founded by Andrew NG, one of the most renowed experts in the AI field, General Partner at AI Fund, Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera, and an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University.

The courses and specializations are very very good to get more in depth knoledge in the AI field. Also Andrew is a big proponent that the next wave is Agentic workflows, and now have courses around that.

Here I'm sharing some of the best overall courses and specializations from DeeplearningAI:

The prompt engineering course for developers is great because they teach you how to really structure advanced prompts with a systematic approach. https://learn.deeplearning.ai/courses/chatgpt-prompt-eng


The Machine learning specialization is done together with Stanford Online, very reccomended https://www.deeplearning.ai/courses/machine-learning-specialization/

The DeepLearning Specialization is good to understand the technical concepts behind Deep Neural Networks, https://www.deeplearning.ai/courses/deep-learning-specialization/

Last but not least, here is a course about how to create MultiAI systems with CrewAI. This might be the new wave, Agentic systems.

Andre Ng is such an awesome teacher - didn't know they already had agent trainings, not surprised given how big he is on them. I'll check those out - thanks!

Totally Agree on that, he has the ability to explain in very simple terms what can be considered complex topics. He is now a big proponent of AI Agents, he is working on that and also has seen the progress big AI companies and AI startups are having on that regard. Its the next step and even tough I haven't taken yet the CrewAI course, I can assume it must be good based on the quality of his previous ones.

The most impact I'm seeing right now with agents are the "crews" being used in companies which are voice bots that can work together to mostly replace a complete customer support team, making very efficient processes for small and medium sized companies.