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Aug 10, 2016
Facts About Feedback

When a contract is closed both the freelancer and client are asked to leave feedback for each other and share their experiences. Feedback helps freelancers and clients build their reputation on the platform. It’s also useful for others when making decisions on who they want to work with. We’ve frequently seen threads and questions relating to feedback and would like to clarify a few nuances that often lead to questions here on the forums.


When can I leave feedback?

  • When closing a contract you can immediately leave public and private feedback.
  • If the other party closed a contract, you will have 14 days to leave feedback, starting from the time the contract was closed. You will see a notification on your Jobs page about it.

Learn more here if you are a client, or here if you are a freelancer.


When will I see my feedback?

  • Public feedback will be displayed on a freelancer’s profile and on a client’s job posts once both of the following conditions are met:
    • a payment of at least $1 has been made on the contract,
    • both parties have left feedback or 14 days after the contract was closed, whichever comes first.

Learn more here if you are a client, or here if you are a freelancer.


I’ve received feedback, but I’m not happy with it, what can i do?

  • You can respond to feedback:
        • Once you receive your feedback you’ll have 28 days after the contract closes to respond.

Learn more here, if you are a client, or here if you are a freelancer.


  • You can enable changes:
        • You can enable the other party to edit their feedback anytime after feedback becomes visible, or after the 14-day feedback period closes, whichever comes first.
        • Enable feedback changes by going to your Contracts or Past Hires page, selecting the contract and then clicking the link “Enable client/freelancer to change feedback.”
        • Once enabled the other party has 14 days to change their feedback.
        • You can only enable changes to public feedback. Private feedback can’t be changed.
        • Remember you can only enable changes once and you can’t cancel this action.

Learn more here, if you are a client or here, if you are a freelancer.


  • You can remove feedback
    • By fully refunding all the money paid on the contract, or
    • By exercising the Top Rated Perk.
  • You can dispute feedback
    • Feedback can only be disputed if it violates Upwork’s Terms of Use.

Have you ever replied to a feedback or enabled the other party to change their feedback and why?? How, if at all, did it affect your experience on Upwork?


Feel free to refer to this post whenever you or your client/freelancer have trouble understanding the feedback system.