More Connects to win more of the work you love

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UPDATE: This is already live. You’ll see these free Connects added to your account at the start of your next billing cycle. You can find this date on your Memberships and Connects page under User Settings.

If you take the Upwork Readiness test the 40 Connects will be automatically added to your account. 



In December, we’re upgrading Connects to provide you free monthly Connects and bonus Connects for interviews you win. You’re doing amazing things on Upwork, and more Connects means more chances to do the work you love. 


We’ve seen a huge surge in client activity, and our work marketplace is full of opportunities for all the incredible talent on our platform. We can’t wait to watch you use these Connects to win your share of these opportunities, form stronger relationships with clients, and grow your career on Upwork.


We introduced paid Connects to keep spam from crowding out your proposals and help you win the jobs you want. But we want to ensure connecting with clients is exciting and affordable, so we’re changing our program to provide you with the Connects you need to build deeper relationships and unlock the best opportunities.


Here’s exactly what you can expect:


New Talent

Receive 40 free Connects with an additional 40 free Connects for passing the Upwork Readiness Test.

Freelancer Basic Plan

Receive 10 free Connects per month (according to billing cycle)

Freelancer Plus Plan

Receive 80 Connects per month (70 + 10 free Connects)

(according to billing cycle)

Connects Rollover Limits

 The Basic and Plus roll over limit is now 200 Connects

Interview Requests (NEW)

Each interview request you (freelancers and agencies) receive and respond to from a submitted proposal earns 10 free Connects (maximum of 50 Connects per 7-day period)*



In December, you’ll see these free Connects added to your account at the start of your next billing cycle. You can find this date on your Memberships and Connects page under User Settings. You’ll also receive an email when your Connects are available for use.


These changes will create more opportunities for everyone in our community, and we’re continuing to explore other ways to show our appreciation for everything you do. Your success is our success, and we’re proud to provide a home where you can do the work you love, form lucrative relationships, and build an amazing independent business.


Learn more about how Connects work here

Update 7/23/2021: Note that when Connects are awarded for interview requests this will show up as two transactions in the Connects History. There is no change to how these are awarded, this is simply done for accounting purposes.

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Do we we get 10 free connects every time we win an interview?

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Every time you win an interview, you will get free connects. But there an exception: when you are invited to interview, you will not get connects.
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A job i have submitted a proposal was closed but i couldn't receive my 2 connects back which i submitted for a proposal. Kindly sort it out i already have no connects left. What does it mean your proposal has been archived.

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Hi Mateen,


Please keep in mind that we return Connects when a client closes their job without hiring or we find a job post that has violated our Terms of Service. Thank you.

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I got invited to a job and got hired yesterday but did not get free connects. Can you help me get them? Thanks!



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Invitations don't give free connects. Only proposals do.

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Hi I'm just asking when will i have connects? i have already received three answers to my proposal but so far i do not receive connects. please help thanks


update: i got my connects now problem solve Thanks!


Hi Mariegold, 


Please allow up to 24 hours for the Connects to be automatically added to your account. If you need further feel free to let us know. Thanks!

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I submitted a proposal for a job exactly a month ago, i.e on 16th June, 2021. Today, I was notified that the job was closed. However, no applicants have been hired from the site. Yet, my connects have not been returned for the same. I believe it's extremely unethical on Upwork's part to not return the connects, given that they literally determine whether I gain income or not. I currently have 0 connects because I applied to jobs like these, wherein no candidate was selected, but the job wasn't closed either. It's honestly heartbreaking to not have any bargaining power on this platform.

I hope my connects can be returned following this issue. 

Thank you.