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Mar 08, 2017
Upwork Messages Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you know all of the tricks and shortcuts Upwork Messages has to offer? Whether you use Messages to exchange simple instructions and status reports, or frequently chat with your team members, these shortcuts can help you communicate more clearly and efficiently.


Messaging Shortcuts

  • Press Enter to send your message or add a line break, depending on the option you selected:



  • Press Alt+Enter, Ctrl+Enter or Shift+Enter to add a line break.
  • Press Up-Arrow to edit last comment. To cancel, press Esc.



  • Type @Name to mention a team member in your message. To cancel, press Esc.



Navigation Shortcuts

  • Press Alt+Up/Down arrows to jump between rooms
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+F to search all messages
  • Press Ctrl+F to search current room.

Formatting Shortcuts

  • Wrap text in *’s for bold: *bold*
  • Wrap text in _’s for italic: _italic_
  • Wrap text in `’s for keywords: `keyword`
  • Wrap text in ```’s to post pre-formatted or multi-line text: ```pre-formatted```
  • Start lines with > for blockquotes.



Fun Shortcuts

  • Use the standard “:emoji_name:” format (colon wrapped) to send emoji.



  • Type /giphy on a new line followed by a keyword or phrase to add an animated GIF in conversation.