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Dec 10, 2020
Webinar: Beginning Your Freelancer Journey on Upwork

Hey everyone,


If you recently attended my “Beginning Your Freelancer Journey on Upwork” webinar, you may have some follow-up questions. It’s a lot of information that we pack into our 1-hour session together and we're not able to address all your questions in that setting. 


So, let’s continue the conversation!  Bring your questions and we’ll keep talking about how to be successful on Upwork - with resources, tips, and ideas on how to land jobs and grow your freelancing business.  


If you haven’t attended “Beginning Your Freelancer Journey on Upwork”, you can register for an upcoming webinar on our Upwork Events page, or view the recorded version of it below. 


In the webinar, we talk about things like:


  • How to find and apply for jobs
  • Communicating with clients on the platform
  • Getting paid


We are so excited to have you on the platform and I hope that you continue to feel supported by us as you move forward on your own journey. 


Looking forward to hearing from you!