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Stay safe online: what you need to know

We want Upwork to feel like home to you. Most folks here are focused on their work, but there are still fraudsters out there who may try to take advantage of professionals like you.  Along with the help of the incredible Upwork community, we work hard behind the scenes to take the risk out of working with people you may not know. We all have a role to play to stay safe on Upwork.


Here are a few things you should keep an eye out for when you’re conducting business and building relationships here. 

  • Stay protected: avoid circumvention

Circumvention occurs when a client and independent professional who met on Upwork conduct business elsewhere. Leaving the platform means leaving behind valuable opportunities, and it prevents you from building your reputation with feedback and the JSS (Job Success Score) system.  It also causes you to miss out on Upwork’s built-in protections such as payment protection,  dispute assistance, and more. 


We want you to stay safe and succeed on Upwork. You can learn more about the potential risks of circumvention here.


  • Time is money: prevent fraud

Upwork has powerful trust and safety checks in place to weed out fraudsters, but fraud can still happen. It’s important that all independent professionals on Upwork learn how to spot potential scams and fraudulent activity. Why? Engaging with fraudsters wastes your valuable time and resources. It can cause you to miss out on income and the chance to build relationships with the awesome people here. In some cases, it also leaves you vulnerable to serious security and legal risks.  


This post sheds light on things you need to know about identifying, reporting, and avoiding fraud on Upwork.


  •  Keep your identity safe: Be aware of paid and leased account fraud

Paid and leased account fraud is dangerous because It opens the real account owner up to the risks of identity theft, legal liability, and account suspension - a fate we don’t want for you, or anyone else in our community. This type of fraud occurs when an Upwork account is shared, leased, or sold to another party. 


Check out this post to learn more about it, and how it can be avoided.

When you flag and report suspicious activity, you’re helping yourself, and other members of the community stay safe and have a hassle-free, rewarding experience. 

We’re glad to have you here. With these precautions in place, we can’t wait to see what you can do. 


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