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SECRETS to Growing Your CLIENT Business On Upwork

I have been using Upwork for the last five years and have completed 340 Jobs and Earned $900k with 5-Star Reviews as a Marketing and Sales expert, however at times have HIRED.


I wanted to pass on to the CLIENT Community some of the top secrets that I have learned along the way. These are my experiences and of course other CLIENTS may have different experiences. For Freelancer tips, click the post at the bottom of this article.


JOB POST: Create a VERY exacting job post for the specific project you want completed. The more clearly and well written the job post, the easier it is for freelancers to determine whether it's an appropriate job to submit to. A well written job post will attract more exacting applicants that are eager to help. Keep the post to 100 words or less. The best freelancers are busy, and English isn't the first language of everyone on this site. Create a positive, friendly, and professional atmosphere right from the start.


LOCATING TALENT: There are two major ways to locate professional freelancing talent on Upwork. Your first step is to place the job post and freelancers that closely match the post will Apply for the job. Making the job available to all freelancers will - make the job available to all freelancers. Therefore, a wider range and typical more freelancers will apply. The second option is to use the Invite Only feature. Use Upwork's Talent search feature and on the top right of the screen type your keyword. Next, on the left side of the screen narrow down the exact qualities you are seeking such as category, location, consultations, job success, amount earned, etc. and then use the Invite Only feature to invite exact freelancers that you have handpicked to apply to your job post.


EVALUATING FREELANCERS: Now that you have eager freelancers that have applied to your job post, review their cover letters. If a freelancer has an acceptable cover letter, then take the time to view their Upwork Profile for the Summary, Earnings, Education, Jobs completed, Reviews and Portfolio. PLEASE ALWAYS review their profile before sending a rapid fire set of additional questions to the freelancers when the information is contained on their Upwork Profile. It's hard to believe, but many clients barely read the cover letter and don't view the freelancer Profile and begin asking questions such as “can you do what I asked” or “have you worked in my industry”. Professional freelancers know the fundamental information that clients need answered and will contain that within the combination of the cover letter and their Upwork Profile. After reviewing a freelancer's profile, then it's the perfect time to ask specific questions.


HIRING AND MANAGING: Once you have selected a few freelancers, it’s time to start the interview process. Select a few of the best candidates and interview them and also expect for the professional freelancers to be interviewing you at the same time. Stay on Upwork’s site during the interview process using either messaging or a short Upwork Zoom call. Another option is to Book a Consultation for either 30 or 60 minutes with a freelancer. Typically, but not always, the more experienced freelancers start their process off this way. In my case, it’s the only way I will start a client relationship so both of us come prepared for solutions at the Consultation; these are not chat sessions, but instead consults.


FUND, APPROVE AND CLOSE: After a freelancer has been chosen, send either an hourly or fixed fee rate for the project. As a freelancer, I only accept fixed fee projects because I have very exact deliverables and am confident in the delivery of them. However, some types of projects are better suited to by the hour. Pick wisely depending on the type of work that needs to be done. Always interact with the freelancer during the project and review their work along the way. Don’t wait until the close of the project to determine things are off course. Be professional, polite, and encouraging, and of course, expect the same back.


THANKS UPWORK: Thanks Upwork for being a blessing to me on this site and I hope to do so for others!


ENJOYED THE POST: Let me know with a message below. Everyone needs to be encouraged!


This is a recently written Post with Upwork's Financial Results and Forecasts for 2023 at:



These are the Secrets to Success for Upwork Freelancers at:




Community Member

Hi I just joined Upwork and learning alot as i bid for jobs. Thank you for the post. 

I dont mind being told how my profile is, a review so as to know why I am not getting jobs. 



Please view this Secrets to Freelancer Success and make the adjustments to your Profile and let me know when completed and I can review for you. Thanks!



Hi Maureen, 


At this stage, you really do not need to visit posts by self-promoters and the "how I got rich on Upwork" punters and their generic templates.  IMO all you need do to begin with is to expand your profile a bit. 


There are thousands of writers on Upwork - good, bad, and indifferent - so what you need to do is to first build on your profile. It's not about what interests you, but what you can offer your client,  and then to find a niche market that will get your foot in the door.

When I look at your profile, I see that your writing niche could be Christian faith, and women and their problems, particularly in Kenya as well as on the African continent. What you do need is a portfolio, particularly as you say you are a writer. I would suggest that you upload writing samples that reflect these two areas. They do not necessarily need to be published articles, but samples that reflect your knowledge as well as your writing ability.  I am sure if you narrow your offer until you have more experience as a freelancer, you will find work on Upwork


Reality check:  Very few people make millions on Upwork - they exist - but for most people who make money on Upwork, the dosh is very useful for paying a few bills, but it is rarely the whole freelance story. 

Maureen W wrote:

I dont mind being told how my profile is, a review so as to know why I am not getting jobs. 

Maureen, the first thing you should do is go to ACADEMY. The link is in the header.
There you can learn about Upwork, how to build your profile, etc...

Also, I think you should take a look at other successful profiles within your niche, look not copy, to see how they present themselves. That will give you a clearer idea of how to create a profile.


As Nichola told you, you have to create a portfolio. You say that you like to write for yourself, review those writings so that they are perfect and use them for your portfolio.


By the way, I like your photography 👍

Maria, have you used the Academy and what was the most helpful? Thanks!

You are most welcome, and if you have any questions, let me know. Thanks!

Maureen, you need to start at the beginning. Go through all the Academy courses and scam articles. It's great to work on marketing, but you haven't done even the basics. Before you are scammed, learn the rules and how to stay safe.



I have never gone through the Academy because didn't know about when I first started out. What have you found the most helpful? In your opinion is it mostly for beginners? Thanks!

It's helpful not just for beginners, but for any level that has not gone through the material. There are experienced freelancers that still do not understand how the platform functions or a lot of the rules. I find the links I put in my post very helpful, for anyone. Experienced people can skim to a degree, but there are interesting bits of info in there. I have stumbled across information that I had not seen in other places.


I try to see what's new in the Academy, check out the events thread, new programs, and announcements. Sometimes, it is useful for settling questions. I have heard complaints from people who are not native English speakers. However, I have never used a translator, so I don't know how well it works.


The Academy doesn't answer every question, but it is a source of "official" information we don't have through another source

Jeanne, thanks for sharing your experience about the Academy!


In your opinion, what would be a few pieces of information that is contained in the Academy that people keep asking over and over on these posts that would be answered?

William T C wrote:

Jeanne, thanks for sharing your experience about the Academy!

In your opinion, what would be a few pieces of information that is contained in the Academy that people keep asking over and over on these posts that would be answered?


1) What is a profile?
2) How do I make profile?

3) I have never worked, what do I put in my profile?

3) What is a portfolio?
4) How do I make a portfolio?

5) I have never worked, how do I make a portfolio?

6) How do I get a job? /give me job, I need job, I want job, I deserve job, no one will give me job

7) Why won't anyone hire me?

😎 What is a propsal?

9) How do I write a proposal?

10)Why make me pay for connects?

11) Where are my free connects? , give me free connects, we deserve free connects, Upwork unfair, making us buy connects

12)Why do new people have to buy connects?

13)Is it OK to talk, work with, exchange money with people outside of Upwork?

14) What is a contract?

15) What happens if I don't have a contract?
16) How do I set up a contract?

17) What is hourly tracked time?
18) What is fixed price?

19) My client didn't pay and they are gone, what do I do?

20) I was cheated, how do I get  my money?

21) Employer didn't fund me, now job closed, what do I do?

22) I need a skill, what should I choose?

23) Why is my JSS low?
24) I completed 4 jobs with five stars and my JSS went down, what's wrong?

25) Employer didn't fund me, now job closed, what do I do?

26)Employer didn't pay me and left Upwork, what do I do?



I could go on... The one thing they need besides all of Upwork's resources, and I include other resources besides the Academy, like the updates, annoncements, etc. is the Red Flags post from Wes.





Thanks! Your list should give everyone especially the new freelancers a reason to view the Academy.

Not just visit, use as an ongoing resource. If you are new, there is enough guidance to keep one busy for weeks, especially if they use the information.

Plus all the updated information in the various Communities.

I hesitate to suggest that without a caveat, because there is so much misinformation in the unofficial threads. After observing the threads for a while, some people can see who knows what they are talking about and those who are here for no reason but self-promotion. But many are even more confused, and I have talked to more than a few. They don’t know who to believe with so many ideas in the community.


Upwork has told me we are not supposed to correct other freelancers. When I try to post or send information showing explicitly why I have made certain comments about freelancers, Upwork removes them and tells me we aren’t supposed to show freelancers doing wicked deeds. The forum is for people to comment. That’s great, but when so many people are directly misled, unintentionally misled by those who deem themselves experts, or pied pipered away to be used, we should say something.


I would say check out the posts, but understand that anyone can post, and I mean anyone. Read through multiple posts to get a feel of who is posting and why. If you don’t understand why someone is making a comment, speak up.

Well, now this is weird. I did not put a smiley on number 8! I have edited it seven times, and it won't go away. Bizarre. Very weird. I even took out the whole post, and edited it outside and posted again only to have the smiley show up.

Love it! Maybe it's meant to be 🙂

😎ETA: confirmed, it is a script that generates the smiling faces with glasses emoji when the characters "8" and ")" are in sequence.

Or use the colon ) sign 🙂

Well, thank goodness this weird stuff only happens in Upwork forums.

So much "weird stuff" is happening in the UW forums - particularly when they seem to have been taken over and monopolized by a marketing alien. 😎


ETA: And Jonathan is right - that is exactly what happened! 



Thanks for sharing with this post!

Community Member

Also, as Preston would advocate for complex projects hire few of them, give them initial assignments (you need to PAY) fire the underperforming freelancers and keep the best.


2. Also, remember Upwork is not a vending machine where you plop few coins and comes the 'best' freelancer down the chute.


3. Manage the work carefully.  If you have no idea how the things are done hire a project manager.  Just like in real life if you need to remodel the house you can hire the qualified workers to do the actual work on your own.  If you are busy or have no clue you would hire a contractor (contractor doesn't do the work.  He basically has phone numbers of plumbers, carpentors, painters, roofers, tile installers,......). 


3. Also you will get what you pay for. Upwork is a wonderful place to get work done at a good reasonable price,   but if you are looking for bargains you may be disappointed. 


4. Also, don't convert USD with freelancer's local currency and pay them salve wages and squeeze them to death thinking tht wow I am paying almost 25,000 VNDs/hr to this slob from Vietnam, but you are only paying $1/hr. 25,000 VNDs won't even buy a cup of coffee in Vietnam.



Thanks for the detailed response and I just noticed you are from the Houston area also! Small world.

Yup Bill.  Katy - cypress area.

Too cool! - The Woodlands.

Community Member

I thought no one cared to help but you came through,that k you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.it makes it easier..



Thanks for your positive and kind words. If you have any questions let me know. Have an amazing day!

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