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Microsoft Resumes Download of Classic Skype v7.4x

I have good news if you despise the new desktop coloring book version of Skype as much as I. I finally tracked down a complete stand-alone package of classic Skype.


I'm posting reference information here instead of the Freelancer's forum where it will promptly be buried by complaints about missing pictures and account suspensions.


Microsoft Community Forum user petzlx wrote:
If you want to install the classic Skype for Windows Desktop (the version) without using any installer, you can try this:
  1. Create a new folder on your hard drive. The name doesn't matter, but as an example, you can name it as e.g. ClassicSkype.
  2. Download all files from this OneDrive site: [URL removed by me].
  3. Open the ClassicSkype (or whatever you named it) folder.
  4. Paste all the downloaded files to this folder.
  5. Locate [inside this new folder] the Skype executable file Skype.exe (might be shown as just Skype).
  6. Right click on this file and select Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut).
  7. Start Skype using this new shortcut.
  8. Optional: Pin the shortcut to the Windows Start Menu or Taskbar, then delete the shortcut icon from the desktop.

The download indicated above is available directly from the personal OneDrive account of the individual who posted the above-linked thread on the Microsoft Community Forums (it is not an official Microsoft download).


Personally, I determined the benefit outweighed the risk, downloaded the files, virus scanned, and installed Skype v7.40.0.151. At the time, the downloads scanned clean and installed perfectly fine. As of 2018-03-25, I'm still running the version downloaded from that user's personal OneDrive account.


For security purposes, I removed the download link from this post here on Upwork. Please evaluate the risk for yourself. If you want the files, download them from the Microsoft Community Forums linked above.


In response, Microsoft took note of the community outrage over the removal of the official classic Skype download:


Microsoft Community Forum Moderator Abegail_M wrote:
We are happy to announce that Skype customers can now resume download and install of the official Skype for Windows desktop v7.41.

It is available on the Skype downloads page.

Please note that this installer is supported on Windows 7 and higher only. There is currently no support for Windows XP and Vista.



Microsoft Forum Community User wrote:
Can we get rid of the upgrade 'nag' though, now that Classic is 'official'?
Microsoft Forum Moderator Karen_[01] wrote:
The new Skype version does not have an option to disable the automatic updates. We also do not have an option to disable the notification that appears whenever you use the classic Skype, in this case, I can only advise to decline the upgrade notification.

Personally, I have yet to reinstall classic Skype from the official downloads page. Version from the OneDrive download is working wonderfully.


However, given Microsoft's propensity for planned obsolescence and forced upgrades, I recommend grabbing the OneDrive version, making backups of backups, and protecting it like the last egg from the Golden Goose.


Just in case.


Happy Skyping the old-school way!

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Thanks for these wonderful tips about Skype classic Steven.

~ Jo-An

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Thanks for taking the time to share this. The new Skype has been a torment.

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Oh goodie. My thread got moved to the Coffee Break instead of Admin Support where I originally posted it. On purpose. In a relevant, low traffic forum.


Now it can be buried by memes and cat discussions instead of broken photos and account suspensions.


I eagerly await effective contract management being removed from our JSS calculations now that discussion of functional communication tools is off topic.


Better move this one and this one too.



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